Individual Therapy

I work with clients on a variety of issues or concerns, many of which are listed below:

  • Spirituality and spiritual development – enhancement, development in personal beliefs, inner conflict, loss of faith
  • Intimacy issues – education, enhancement, concerns, conflicted feelings
  • Abuse/Trauma – emotional, physical, sexual, religious, institutional
  • Life enhancement – personal development, core values work, aspirations, goal attainment, sexual development, body image
  • Relationship enhancement – communication, getting needs met
  • Grief work – deaths, life transition, divorce, disappointment
  • Dating – coping with the single life, dating techniques and suggestions, cultural implications, re-entry to the single life, internet dating, “what’s normal?”
  • Anxiety and depression – coping skills, symptom reduction, emotion regulation, self-care
  • Perfectionism – what it is and how to challenge it while still striving toward meaningful goals
  • Sex education – sexual health, STI and safe sex education
  • Sexual functioning
  • Premarital anxieties
  • Body Image — healing body dissatisfaction
  • Eating concerns — healing one’s relationship with food, healing disordered eating patterns
  • Religious conflict — healing concerns related to religion